Rig Move

Our main area of expertise is to move drilling rigs and drilling platforms. We also provide logistical services to drilling contractors or oil companies. Disassembly, transport, and assembly is carried out quickly, safely, and professionally, whilst the non-productive time of the drilling rig is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our personnel is in permanent employment and represents a rare amount of experience and expertise. Many of our people have been working together for many years, which makes the experience acquired during the removal of the different drilling rigs a shared experience.

We use state-of-the-art equipment, cranes and transport units for all our projects. Most of this equipment is Shames owned. If projects take place overseas, we use the expertise of Shames Shipping and other reliable partners to make sure that every step is controlled.

To minimise the time between effective well operations, it is imperative that sites are prepared correctly and that drilling rigs are moved in an efficient and safe manner.

The primary objective of a rig move is to plan and execute the operation in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible, consistent with applicable safety and environmental standards.

Rigs offshore shall not be moved without an approved rig move plan.

1. Rig move preparation

  • Location survey
  • Road Survey
  • Preparation of advanced loads
  • Administration (Rig move plan)
  • Equipment Inspection

2.   Preparation of new location and camp

Offshore Rig Move Plan

1.    Rig move preparation

  • Administration (Rig move plan)
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Weather

2. Preparation of new location

  • Preparation
  • Pre-move plans
  • Rig release
  • Move safety meeting
  • Line of responsibility
  • Daily move plan