Eastern Break water of Al-Faw Grand Port

Project Eastern Break water of Al-Faw Grand Port
Client Archirodon Construction (Overseas) CO.S.A
Location Al-Faw Grand Port
Date 2013-2017
Description –          Supplying materials of earth work to build eastern breakwater area of Al-Faw Grand port and maintain roads access to the site



Shames Al-Saduq Co. executing a project of eastern breakwater with 8.7KM length at Al-Faw grand Port  at Basrah southern Iraq. Subcontracted with Archirodon construction overseas.

The project is 95% completed since it started at 2013. Shames Al-Saduq Co. provided construction materials , inspected with high standard (Sub base , transition layer , sand & gravel) to execute the project along with our good condition , maintained, HSE complied construction equipment :

  • Excavators
  • Water tankers
  • Dump trucks
  • Wheel loaders
  • Compactors
  • Graders

Construction of the staging pier /Eastern breakwater –Al-Faw grand port in Iraq is one of the biggest contracts for Shames Al-Saduq Co.

The main scope of work for the contract with Archirodon construction is for supplying construction materials necessary to establish eastern breakwater like (Subbase type C , A , B and transition layer material , gravel material) and renting construction equipment (Excavators , compactors, wheel loaders , Dump trucks , flatbed trailers….etc). these equipment was used to spread , settlement and compaction process.