Stripping, Backfilling and Compaction Works

Project Project No. 6/Zubair/2015 – for Stripping, Backfilling and Compaction Works
Client Shams Al-Sabah Co. SAS
Location Zubair
Date 2016 -2017

This Project To be executed at Zubair Permanent Power Generation Plant located on the main road between AI-Zubair City and leading to the North Rumaila is one of the biggest projects in Basra to establish Zubair gas station. It will contribute to the rate of electricity production in the Governorate of Basra.

The scope of Work  includes Management, Technical and non-technical Manpower, Equipment, Machinery, Tools etc. and necessary arrangements and coordination, including the loading and transportation of all required raw materials from the Borrow Pit to the Site, as may be required for the processing of General Fill Material and its Backfilling & Compaction (including water hydration), of the Area(s) as defined in this Contract in the Quality and Timely manner and in full compliance with the all Technical Specifications.

The main activities implemented on this project are:

  • Site cleaning/clearing
  • Watering job
  • Soil stripping
  • Leveling
  • Compacting


Location : The Site is located within the boundaries of the city of Zubair I Juweidah industrial area on the right side of the main road link between the city of Zubair and leading to the North Rumaila in front of the Well NO.20.